“Over the last 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justis on the Nature Made brand at Pharmavite. As her manager, I’ve had a front row view of her tremendous growth as a designer, thinker, and leader in such a short amount of time. She has the ability and mindset to manage large-scale cross-functional projects as well as execute quickly and effectively on her day-to-day design tasks…all the while having a solid grasp on how to balance her time working on both. I can confidently say Justis is one of the most versatile and reliable individuals I’ve ever worked with. Over the years I have delegated a wide range of tasks to her, and she has successfully delivered on all of them…and more times than not, she comes back with insights and ideas that elevate the projects beyond expectations. And as much as she excels personally, she lifts up her colleagues just as much. Whether it’s setting up templates & SOPs for her fellow designers or preparing presentations for the Customer Marketing team, her focus is constantly on setting her coworkers and the company up for success. With her work ethic and ability to learn, Justis will go as far and as high as she aspires to be.” Nate Dunlap | Nature Made | Art Direction, Supervisor "Justis has worked on several creative projects for me while at Pharmavite. What I like about working with Justis is she listens carefully to the needs as stated on the creative brief, but also brings a point of view and asks questions to help make the creative work harder for our programs. She is innovative while still staying within the guidelines of the style guide. She is open to feedback, and also is willing to try what the client asks even if it may not be the best solution (she knows that, but the client may not and needs to see it with their own eyes). It is this partnership that builds trust and ultimately the best creative outcome." Sarah Hubbard | Nature Made | CPG Customer Marketing Manager - Walmart & Sam's Club "Justis has been a fantastic partner to our team. She brought creative and well executed solutions to our ecommerce business which drove increased conversion. Her professionalism and eye for detail made working with her a joy. It’s great to work with someone who can bring your vision to life, which is what Justis does." Janny Jaskowiak | Nature Made | Senior Manager, eCommerce “Justis is an innovative creative talent and is always a pleasure to work with. She consistently produces breakthrough work that delivers messages with a fresh perspective. Furthermore, Justis has a remarkable ability to create work that doesn't just stand out for the sake of standing out - her work is crafted in a meaningful way that resonates with the audience while carefully balancing the sensibilities of multiple stakeholders. I would attribute this to two of Justis' many strengths: her innate creativity and her collaborative nature. I look forward to our continued partnership.” Marc Buenventura | Nature Made | Customer Marketing Manager “Justis is a tenacious worker with a diligent work ethic and visionary spirit. She has deep expertise in Adobe Photo Shop and Illustrator, very talented in both web and product design. She always has a creative outlook on all types of marketing material which is always recognized. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious with her colleague's. Aside from her creative skill sets, Justis is always engaged with all facets of the company. She recommends brilliant ideas, strategies, and her due diligence drive enables a company to stay competitive and relevant in any industry. Justis is polite, respectful, and I'd highly recommend her in almost any capacity. Justis has also assisted and made a positive impact in the sales department. Her relationship and communication skills are hard to come by” Tyler Francois | Texas Mills | VP of Digital & Products “Justis is an innovative graphic designer. Her ability to create designs that embed the mission and purpose of a business are based on her ability to research and understand the client's industry and encapsulate the client's requirements. She approaches her challenges with fervor and resolve. It was a pleasure working with her and highly recommend her services to any business owner.” Merian L Callaway | M L Callaway Accounting Firm | Owner