Devon Sood

CEO of Strimi Live

Justis is one of the most visionary and detail oriented graphic designers I've ever met. Not only does her talent shine draft after draft until the perfect piece, but she has an uncanny ability to harness the voice of the product in her designs. When we decided to start implementing changes, Justis was stunningly ahead of the curve and had drafted other awesome ideas. I was extremely impressed by the speed and efficiency at which she works, and I sincerely appreciate her complimentary diligence and research processes before designing. She's one of the most hardworking people I've ever worked with, I would highly recommend Justis to anyone that wants the work done right

Albert Christensen

iOS Developer & Tutor at UC San Diego

As an iOS Developer at onLoop, inc (AKA Zapstream) I was always impressed by Justis' style and attention to detail. My experience of her is with her user experience design and graphic design work. I found her designs easy to work with because she was thoughtful about my needs as a developer. She was very adaptable - when we switched our preferred design platform/software and she mastered it so quickly there was no visible learning curve. She really cared about her work. She was insightful about appealing to and understanding our target audience and seemed to really get the big picture. I loved working with her. She's easy to get along with, enthusiastic, and fun.

Tyler Francois

VP of Digital & Products at Texas Mills (CEO of urRADIO)

Justis is a tenacious worker with a diligent work ethic and visionary spirit. She has deep expertise in Adobe Photo Shop and Illustrator, very talented in both web and product design. She always has a creative outlook on all types of marketing material which is always recognized. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious with her colleague's. Aside from her creative skill sets, Justis is always engaged with all facets of the company. She recommends brilliant ideas, strategies, and her due diligence drive enables a company to stay competitive and relevant in any industry. Justis is polite, respectful, and I'd highly recommend her in almost any capacity.

Justis has also assisted and made a positive impact in the sales department. Her relationship and communication skills are hard to come by.

Carina Olver

CFO at Texas Mills

Justis has proven herself as a valuable team player and often a team leader.

She has a tremendous capacity for thinking outside the box and bringing up projects and tasks nobody else has thought about that will increase the company bottom line. This incredible skill and mindset that allows her to jump into any project she is given and excel at it, what she does not know she will research, study and learn. When the company had a shortage of sales people, she took a break from designing and volunteered for the sales position. After just a few short weeks she landed a huge contract.

Her friendly, easygoing and approachable personality makes her a very likeable asset to the company and she is popular among staff and management.

We will be sad to see her go, but totally support her need to improve her skills and further her career. I know she will succeed as she always put in tremendous effort and that coupled with her skill set allows me to recommend her without hesitation for whatever path she decides to follow.

Merian L. Callaway

Owner of M L Callaway Accounting Firm

Justis is an innovative graphic designer. Her ability to create designs that embed the mission and purpose of a business are based on her ability to research and understand the client's industry and encapsulate the client's requirements. She approaches her challenges with fervor and resolve. It was a pleasure working with her and highly recommend her services to any business owner.

Ryan Ford

Product Designer (Creative Director at Deviant Art)

During the time Justis worked with me, she proved herself to be very eager to learn and improve her understanding of design. She was fun to work with and integrated well with my team, and it was great having her on board. I'm certain she'll find success in whatever she sets her mind to.